Saturday, May 29, 2010

UGH GOD! Just let me get pregnant already!

I am so sick to death of DH's family pestering us!!!!
We usually go out with them on Fridays for dinner. No biggie, that is until someone brings up babies.
this past Friday... I'm not sure who brought it up, but it was.
And then dear MiL starts in saying how she wants twins.
Oh really? Twins you say? Well let me whip those up for you right quick!
Then she says how she wants a girl.... like we can control that shit or something.
I felt like reaching over the table and slapping the shit out of her.

Doesn't help my attitude with this damn bloating. It's not as bad as last cycle thank god, but it's still uncomfortable and annoying as hell.

Sigh..... god please let me be able to trigger tomorrow.

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