Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Keep forgetting!

I keep forgetting to update on my weightloss so far!!
So I haven't measured myself, and I forgot to weigh myself until earlier today.

So... last week I was at 227...... today, I was UP to 231... WTH??? I've actually been eating better than I have been, AND since I've been going to bed earlier, I haven't been eating at night which should be helping with the weight loss. Grrrrrrr....

Maybe it's the provera or something that's causing the weight gain right now and it'll go back down.

It did do this last cycle? Started off at 229, then 4 days later, weighed in at 238 o_O
I didn't feel bloated at all, but there was the weight.
I went back down obviously, plus some, so hoping the same thing happens this time as well... sigh.

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Fig said...

Don't you love that? Nearly 10 pounds in just a few days. It's hard for most people to believe unless they've experienced it.