Sunday, May 30, 2010


So first off, my appointment went FANTASTIC even though the nurse that was taking my blood had to stick me 4 times. Twice in my left hand, once in my right, and then finally in my left arm where she finally found a vein.
Poor woman was sweating b/c she couldn't find anything. Oh well.
So after that, went back for my ultrasound, and my left ovary had a nice 19mm follicle, and my right had 2 at around 13-14mm.
So she told us that we could trigger today if we wanted to or we could wait a day or so to see if the right ones would catch up.

Yeah, we went ahead and triggered rofl.
It was a subQ shot which I was worried about hurting, but it didn't. I mean it burned some afterwards, but absolutely nothing like that god awful low dose HCG shot.
I thought that was weird, but whatever.

Right now my right ovary is aching. Hoping that it means those follicles are trying to catch up some. FX. More chances would be awesome.

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