Monday, May 24, 2010

Grow Eggberts! GROOOOOOOW

So I had my bloodwork today.
My estrogen came back at 82! WOOOO I mean of course a higher number would be better, but still... that's better than nothing :D
My follistim has been upped to 150 though. So I think my RE is hoping that I'll be able to trigger within the week if everything looks good on my ultrasounds.
My next appointment is on Wed... bloodwork and ultrasound.

Oh and man, my poor left hand is jacked up.
The first 2 bloodwork had to be done on my left hand. I have pretty shitty veins in my arms so they have to get it from my hands.
So today, I figured try the right. Well she poked around and couldn't find anything so had to go in to my left again. Well unfortunatly, the first bloodwork left me with a bruise. It doesn't hurt but of course they're going to avoid it. The 2nd bloodwork didn't leave anything except a small puncture wound.
Well the nurse decided it would be best to go in right in between the knuckles of my ring and pinky finger. Good lord that HURT!
I still have a big bump on my hand. I'll post a photo in a min as soon as I can get this stupid card to read.

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