Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Appointment Yesterday

So, had my RE appointment yesterday to discuss our plan of action for next cycle.
Let me start off by saying, I was not looking forward to it at all. I don't really know why. I guess because this cycle was just such a HUGE disappointment for me. It was just a way of not trying to get my hopes up maybe.

Anyways, the appointment went great. He explained to me in his oh so painfully awkward way that this cycle was cancelled because he didn't think I was responding well, and didn't want to continue for possibly longer than a week just to see if I would respond. So figured that we'd cut our losses and start fresh with a better plan next cycle.
My estrogen started off at 95, then dropped to 69. That's when they upped my dose of follistim to 100iu. And then the next visit my estrogen only raised to 74. He said that if it had been 100+, we would've continued.

It's still frustrating of course, but at least I know why now and can better prepare myself if this happens again.

Erm, oh so the plan for next cycle.
Well he already gave me provera to take for 7 days. So I started that yesterday.
And of course call when AF starts, whch I'm hoping will be right after my last pill. DH is off of work next week, and it would be so helpful if we could get in 1 or 2 appointments in so he doesn't have to take off of work.
So anywho, no sure when I'm supposed to start, but I'll be doing follistim again. Starting off at 75iu. And I'll alo be taking a low-dose HCG shot along with it every day.
The RE explained that it acts like LH and helps to mature the egg.
I read that low dose HCG is actually better than LH because it stays in your system longer, so helps with that function better.
I also got a PM from a woman on one of the forums I frequent that told me about the 2 times she was on this plan.
She did IVF 3 times. First time, they didn't do it, and she had bad eggs so it didn't work. Next time, she was on the follistim/hcg combo and she got pregnant. Then she did it again, and is pregnant once again :) So YAY :D

Oh I've also read that the low dose HCG shots helps to prevent OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation) from occuring. Which is a big problem for PCOS women since we produce lots of small follicles.

SO yeah, that's my long update heh. Just got a call from the pharmacy and they'll be sending me my injections tomorrow. So I guess I'll probably be starting them maybe cd2 or cd3 since they went ahead and called in the order.

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Lisa said...

Sounds promising! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!