Thursday, May 20, 2010

How it went

So, my appointment today was just getting some blood drawn.
Happy about that and sad.
Happy because well, getting a vag ultrasound isn't exactly my idea of fun lol.
But sad b/c I wanted to see what my ovaries were doing.

So just got my call back from the RE's office with my results.
My estrogen is only at 50 right now. So I'm to up the dose of follistim to 100, and go back in on Saturday to get just another blood test done.
I'm worried that that number is too low.
I mean last time, on cd9, my estrogen was at 95.
Yeah I'm only on cd7, but still, I've been taking the follistim for longer, AND at a higher dose.
I'm just so worried that this cycle is going to end up like the last one.

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