Saturday, May 15, 2010

HCG Photos

Just wanted to share photos of the HCG I'll be taking. Since this isn't a very common injection procedure it seems, thought it would be interesting to at least someone lol.

I guess all HCG comes like this? *shrugs* But normal HCG, you get 2 bottles. One is the sterile water, and another has the HCG powder stuff in it. You take one of the needles they send with it, get some of the water, and then inject it in to the powder vial and swirl it until it's mixed. Then you inject that back in to the water vial and swirl and voila.. you have yourself some HCG ready to be used :D

Here's the vial of the powder

And here is a photo comparing the different sizes of the sterile water vials. My low dose HCG is on the left, and the regular one on the right.
Yes they're in the fridge. Well I took the regular one out since that doesn't have to be in the fridge yet since it's still just the water in that one.

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