Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Appointment tomorrow!

A bit nervous that my follicles haven't grown any.
I have been feeling mild O twinges, but nothing much.

Period is ALMOST gone. Still trying to hang around which is super annoying b/c man, I want DH so bad right now.
I know I know, we could just have sex anyway, but the thought of doing it while on my period grosses us both out.
We've tried it once before, a LONG time ago, but it was just gross and messy and bleh. Just not for us.
You can imagine both our frustrations when I was bleeding almost constantly for 3 months straight.
There were a couple of days in there when it would stop, or stop just long enough and we'd go at it rofl.

Uhm... oh the HCG shot today wasn't that bad for some reason. It stung when DH poked me, but that was it. Was weird, but I'm not complaining about it by any means.

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