Friday, May 7, 2010

I hate LimboLand!!

Nothing worse than waiting waiting waiting for something to happen.

2 more provera to go and who knows how long for AF to start.
Actually toying with the idea of trying to make AF start early. Like taking something to make it start earlier.
I actually may try green tea. It probably won't do anything, but it's just green tea so won't hurt.
I have read of other things that could help, such as black cohosh? I'd be too paranoid taking an herb in hopes that it worked. I dunno.

Oh good news, or well, slightly good news hehe. I did have a weird dream last night, but weird was all it was. I can't remember it, but it wasn't anything disturbing like the previous nights.

Have I mentioned that I love nail polish? It's like the only girly thing I do. I don't like toe nails painted though b/c I hate long toenails, but fingernails... LOVE IT!
May be b/c I used to bite my nails as a kid... and heck for a lot of my adult life as well.
I wasn't as bad as some people... you know the ones that bite them so far down there's like a mm of nail left. No, that wasn't me, but still, it was bad.
Then I started wearing nail polish, and I dunno... I just stopped and started growing them out. It wasn't the taste that detered me from biting. No idea why. Oh well.

I swear I don't have ADD or anything lol. I know my posts are a bit all over the place sometimes.

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