Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tiny follicles

SO back from my appointment.
The nurse taking my blood felt so bad or bruising me up. It hurt at first, but now, it looks a lot worse than it feels. Just a little tender but that's it.
So we tried the right hand again. She had me keep it under some warm water for a bit, and that did the trick :)

Unfortunatly, my RE did my u/s. Bleh. The PA is SO much better at it than he is. I think he did it though so he could tell me what the plan was.
He made it sound like we would just keep continuing injections until I respond. SO I'm happy about that, although not happy about the potential cost of it all lol.

Also unfortunatly, I didn't really have big follicles. BOOOO
I had one on my right ovary that measured about 8.5mm, and then abunch of small ones.
And on my left, there were a bunch of small ones there as well.
The RE mentioned that I'd probably go up in dose again on the follistim, so yeah. I swear.... my damn body... sigh. If it would just work how it should!!

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