Thursday, June 16, 2011

3 little letters that we've come to loathe

Tests this afternoon are still BFN.
I took 2 tests. The first one I just forgot about. Started watching something on youtube, and by the time I remembered the test, it was already in the beginning stages of drying. It looked like there could've been a faint something there, so I took another test.
Nope, nothing. Boooooo :P lol
I guess that's to be expected if this was implantation dip today. FX that it was. How soon after it can you get a positive pregnancy test? Probably at the very earliest the day after, guess depending on how quickly the hcg makes it to the urine.

I'm hopeful, but remaining realistic as well.
It is exciting though possibly having a natural cycle. Even though I still have the mixed emotions about it... it means maybe my body is on its way to actually working as it should on a regular basis. Boy, that would save us a TON of money if it did.

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