Thursday, June 2, 2011


So, got a call back from the RE's office today and my thyroid stuff came back normal. No antibodies or whatever, and my level is A-OK (thanks to the synthroid).
So yeah... was told to call back in a few weeks to set up a time for a consult. I dunno WHY we have to go in once again. Maybe to give blood or something for more tests? *shrugs*

On a random note... I really wish I could dance! Dancers have the most amazing bodies! Fit but still feminine. And NM the male dancers that are all cut and fit and buffed.
My rhythm consists of me workin it in my desk chair. As soon as my feet enter the picture I turn in to the stereotypical no rhythm white girl.
Wish I could at least do that booty pop thing. Or twerk I think it's called? Just looks so naughty. I'm sure a lot of strippers probably do it lol, but it still looks really fun and I'm sure DH would frickin LOVE it. I'll try to practice it if I can figure out how to pop my booty out fast. It's slooooow right now. heh.

I must've done something to my back yesterday. My mid-back is frickin killing me! Well, it's not that bad right now, but it was awful this morning. Feels like I pulled a muscle somehow but I have no idea what I did.
Frickin hate getting old! lol


JMM said...

You must have been watching SYTYCD tonight! I found out I had that what you had? Did you have to take a pill to correct it? Did it go away? That would be great to find out that it would just go away after a month on this pill!

LisaL said...

Hypothyroidism isn't something that goes away unfortunatly. It's a lifelong thing that you'll always have to take a pill for.
I take 100mcg of synthroid to treat my hypo.
It's really no big deal though. Just take the pill on an empty stomach and good to go.
Once you are on the correct dose, you're going to have to go in probably every 6 months to get your level rechecked to make sure you're still on the correct dose.

Yep... I love SYTYCD! heh