Sunday, June 26, 2011

Me time!

Finally get some alone time!
Aren't vacations supposed to feel like they flew by? This one feels like it's just been dragging on for forever now!
I know it's b/c not every moment of it has exactly been fun, and a lot has been stuck in the car driving.
Oh well.

Anywho.... so, we went up to Virginia to Busch Gardens. I highly recommend going there.
Beautiful area, and a fun park.
Great rides, and at least on weekdays, not a lot of people. Well, there were a lot of people, but not a lot riding the rides. I think the longest we had to wait to get on a ride was 15mins, and that was only b/c the ride had broken down and they were running it a few times before letting anyone on it.
It was a really nice park though... not like Six Flags.
Busch Gardens actually thought their stuff through. Had a ton of seating in shaded areas, or had umbrellas up at their tables to create shade.

We tried to also go see Jamestown but we always got there just a little too late and it was closed. Meh.
It was gorgeous up there though.... at least in the areas we drove through. Really peaceful and pretty.

After that, we headed up to DC. BLEH.
It was only about an hour and a half drive, so we left early and walked around DC for the rest of the day. Frickin AWFUL.
DC was fine. Lots of people, but it was pretty to look at.
All of the walking was terrible though. My feet still weren't healed up and this just made it worse.
We were all miserable by the time we left.

After DC we drove to this one restaraunt that was on an episode of Man vs Food. They have a 6lb milk shake that DH wanted to get.
Well that area was frickin busy as hell too and it took us 30mins just to find a parking spot. It was a nice area, but a pain in the ass to navigate.

After that, we finally headed to the hotel which was like an hour or so away, so we didn't end up getting to it until almost midnight. It was a really nice hotel though. The Hyatt(sp?)... and it was pretty darn cheap too.

Then we drove back yesterday. The way back down here through Virginia. I guess people just shut their brains off b/c they forget how to merge on to the highway. Worst traffic!! We were stuck in 15mph traffic for 3 hours! No accident in sight.... just stupid assholes that don't know how to drive.

We got home at around 9:30 last night and I slept like a baby.
I get the appeal of staying in a hotel, but hotel sheets & pillows SUCK. They stick to you and just aren't comfortable. Came home to our nice soft sheets and pillows and passed out lol.

DH and the rest of them went out to see Cars 2. I don't really have any interest in seeing it so I opted to stay home. Heaven.... pure heaven.

We'll be heading out to Carowinds tomorrow. Hoping b/c it's a Monday, that it won't be too busy. And hoping that they'll have plenty of shaded seating as well.
And after Carowinds... I think on Tuesday, we'll be heading to the beach. That will be nice and relaxing as well... or at least SHOULD be.
I'm sure they'll come up with something that has us walking all over the damn place killing my poor feet even more.

AF lasted its usual 7 day self. BOO for a long AF, but YAY that it was normal.
Wondering if it's going to happen on its own again. And if so, I hope it happens a little later this time b/c we aren't going to have any privacy at the beach to DTD.
I dunno if I will ovulate on my own though. Not with all of this crap I've been eating.
I mean it really hasn't been that much since we've been skipping a lot of meals, but it's still been way too many breads and sugar.

My weight has been flucutating between 202 and 198 this morning. I know I'm retaining a lot of water.
Hopefully by the end of this, my weight will still be under 200, but I'm really not going to worry about it.
Still excited to really start kicking my ass after all of this though. Get serious about losing weight and getting more fit instead of just sitting here and doing nothing.
I don't want to be skinny fat. I want to have a nice fit toned body that everyone will look at and wish they had lol.
Well, that or a nice big pregnant body :D I'd prefer that, but I'll take either.

And yeah, that's about it I think.
Hope my feet will last through tomorrow.

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