Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh the joy

... of owning dogs.
Woke up at about 2:30 this morning. Took my temp, and got up to use the bathroom. When I hit the door to our bathroom, I smell poo.
At first I thought our little dog may have just had some bad gas, but no... I realize this isn't alpo farts I'm smelling, this is poo.
So I start looking around the house w/ all the lights off, at the dogs' usual poo spots (the few times they've done it), and nada. WHEW, but I'm still smelling it.
Head to the kitchen and scratch my head b/c I dunno where this smell is coming from.
My eyes finally get used to the dark a bit better, and there it is. The giant lake of liquefied crap on the kitchen floor.
I seriously debated just going back to bed and letting DH clean it, but finally reason came to me and I cleaned it up. It took 2 whole rolls of paper towels, mopping, and a ton of air freshener to clean it up... and I still want to spray the area down more.
I know who it was. Our oldest dog Bing.
She doesn't tell either of us if she needs to go out when she has an upset stomach. Oh no... she just sneaks off and does this. Thank goodness she did it on linoleum this time though instead of the carpet.
Was still gross and a pain in the ass to get up, but at least it won't leave a gross stain.
I hate not feeding her, but it's the only way to insure she won't do this again until whatever is upsetting her bowels settles down.
So yeah.... I just ended up staying up until DH woke. Told him to not feed her and leave her outside until I woke back up and then I went back to bed at 6.
SO yeah, have that weird off balanced didn't get enough sleep feeling right now.

Weird dreams continue. Dream right before I woke, I dreamt I was one of the contestants on So You Think You Can Dance. lol
Dreamt that we had just gotten to Vegas (didn't look like it though), and we were all given a piece of paper w/ our living options. Whether if we wanted to stay in a hotel that was a bit far to drive to, or we could stay in this huge luxury bus that was like right outside so we'd be able to get to bed quickly etc etc.
Myself and 2 other people picked the bus.
Then there was a different option on how you wanted to be transported to the hotel.. and "Elephant" was a choice, but only during certain hours of the day o_O
There was more to it but yeah...

My temp was up this morning to 98.11. That's a post-O temp, but I think it's just a fluke. I'm sure it will be back down tomorrow.
HPT is of course BFN heh.
Pretty sure I can see where the 2nd line should be. There's no color or anything like that, it's just a slight difference from the rest of the test. It's total BFN though.
Feel like such a tool testing like this, but I dunno... I just want to.

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