Saturday, June 11, 2011

And it begins...

The gushing and the constant baby talk.
MiL told DH that SiL was having a girl.
Now I'm happy to be getting another niece, but that doesn't mean I have to like the mother.... at all.
She can kiss my fat infertile ass for all I care.
So yeah, dinner last night was pretty much ALL about that. It was almost unbearable. If I were a dramatic person, I would've walked out and sat in the hot car rather than listen to them.
It gets worse.... they then ALL turn to me, and tell ME that we need to have a boy now. B/c ya know, apparently it's my decision and it's just THAT easy for us. NM that they know we're struggling to get pregnant.
Just so damn irritating!

Now that that's out of the way.... my temp today was post-O once again. That makes 4 days of post O temps.
FF actually took away my crosshairs though for some reason. Probably b/c the temp was taken about an hour after the usual time. My temp doesn't really change that much though in just an hour, so I'm sure this is a pretty trustworthy temp range that I'm in.
I'm sure if I had taken it an hour earlier, it would've still been in the post-O range.

Honestly, this kind of sucks if I did ovulate on my own. I know that's so contradictory from what I always complain about my body not working.
It's just that... I sure as hell wasn't expecting this to happen, so our BDing has been just for fun. We did BD pretty much right before the temp rise, but I got up right after and used the bathroom. I did lay right back down to go to bed, but still.. I'm sure a good bit of those swimmers were flushed down the toilet.
So yeah, IF I did ovulate, it would piss me off that we didn't catch it.
And then, if I did and I have my usual 11 day LP.... it means that I'm going to be getting AF right at the beginning of our damn vacation and will have AF for the majority of it! Grrrrrrr
I dunno about everyone else, but I sure as hell don't want to walk around in hot ass weather, crotch sweating (along with everything else), on a heavy flow day! BLEH! Just disaster and embarassment waiting to happen.
Sure I could just use a tampon, but I dunno.... tampons freak me out.

I have doubts but also thinking.. hmm maybe that I could've ovulated.
My ovaries haven't been bothering me for about a week? now... give or take a day. Noticed it just the other day that neither of them were aching at all when laying on my stomach favoring one side.
This could just be from the m/c though. My body finally healed after it.
Also, there is the issue of my breasts being sore.
They've been sore for about 3 or 4 days now. It's not a terrible soreness or anything, but yeah... my boobs hve rarely ever gotten sore on their own... and then it only lasted for pfft, maybe a day or 2.

I didn't have any EWCM though. I felt wet a lot, but no EWCM. I also didn't have any kind of O pains. I know that's not saying much since I'm sure the majority of women don't, but meh.

So yeah.....once again just having to wait and see what happens.

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Diana said...

I'm going to a BBQ later today on my husbands side and my SIL is pregnant annnnnnd a cousin. So I'll be in the same room with these two!! I am sooooo dreading this!!! :( lord give me strength. :/