Monday, June 6, 2011


Wish there was more to report on but there isn't.
Both ovaries are still feeling achy whenever I lay on them.
It must just be PCOS cysts.
My temps are still confusing. Not sure if I'm back at my usual pre-O temps, or if these are new post-O ones. I don't think I ovulated though. Not with the m/c taking as long to finish as it did.
Makes me wonder though.
Since the trigger shot is supposed to help finish maturing eggs before they ovulate, AND the microdose HCG is supposed to help the follicles mature as well... then maybe that happened for me naturally? I know it probably doesn't work that way at all when things are going on naturally, but still... I thought it was a good thing to ponder about.

Feeling just... there. In limbo.
We may not be able to start trying again so soon.
With this trip coming up, we are going to be spending A LOT of money on it and may have to wait to start again.
I hope not.

As for the trip.... it's quickly approaching. Lots of stress right now trying to get everything we need for it.
I know DH is excited, but me... meh. I mean I'll have fun, but I am not looking forward to standing in the heat waiting to ride rollarcoasters.
My body just does not function well in heat. I instantly start to sweat, which causes me to dehydrate b/c I never drink enough, so that gives me a headache and just makes me feel like crap.
Going to have to remember to drink my fluids!

Oh and I tested this morning for the hell of it lol.
If by some miracle I did ovulate, I could potentially be 9-10dpo. I doubt I did ovulate, but I have a crapload of tests so taking a few won't hurt.

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