Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Oh gotta love my creative titles :P lol

Anyway, haven't talked about my diet in a while so here goes.
We've been sticking to it, meh ok. Not great, but ok.
Our weight is def reflecting that though.
I'm not even going to worry about getting stricter atm. Not with the trip coming up, but plan on it when we get back.
We really haven't been THAT bad, but still eating too much sugar.
I LOVE banana chips and have been buying them. Now they're not the worst thing we could be eating, but when we sit there and eat an entire bag of them.. yeah, it's bad lol.
Thinking I'll just make my own and leave out the added sugar.

So yeah, our eating could use some cleaning up, and we'll be doing that once we get home and have gained back at least 10lbs :P

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