Friday, June 3, 2011

Holy frickin hell!!!

Chemical BURN!!!!!!
Lets just say where the sun don't shine. OUUUUUCH!!!
Bought some hair removal cream. And yes, I have a hairy ass crack. Wanted to try some of this, so slathered that shit on. Instantly it started to burn and I tried wiping it off quickly. Not quickly enough though. Holy shit my ass hurts! lol I thought I'd at least have some time if the skin was too sensitive, not an instantanious reaction!
Oh god I will be in a world of pain if my stomach gets upset tonight. PLEASE body, don't punish me even further!!! rofl
I have aloe.... put that on it, and good gawd, the pain was excruciating! rofl I'm laughing now but seriously, it felt terrible.
I have no doubt it will heal up just fine, but sheesh. I've learned my lesson *cry*
It's feeling better now... going to slicken it up some more w/ more aloe a little later.

I also used some of the stuff on my nether region. Meh... some of the hair came out, but most of it is still intact.
I'm not even going to worry about this crap any longer. DH is just going to have to be happy with my prickly pear.
Be happy that I even bother to keep it trimmed damnit :P

Not looking forward to going out to dinner tonight with family.
DH had only told his mom that I wasn't feeling well last week. Not a lie, but not the full truth either.
I dunno... I'd just be seriously tempted to tell her the truth if she asks why I wasn't feeling well. Sigh.
Plus, not sure when his sister is supposed to be finding out the gender. UGH. She SHOULD be showing by now. She's a big girl like myself though and wears baggy clothes, so she could still be hiding it well. I'm just so over her.

Making jolly rancher vodka for tonight! Woot Woot!
Lot of good reviews for it, so hopefully it's better than that skittles grossness.
Def not drinking like I did last time. No more hangovers, thanks!
Actually control myself some and let whatever I drink kick in before drinking more or not *nodnod* Be an adult damnit! heh

I didn't sleep for shit last night. Pretty sure it was b/c I had some chocolate and either the sugar or maybe even the little bit of caffeine in it kept my mind racing. I went to bed at 10... didn't get to sleep until after midnight.
Then I woke up to take my temp at 3, so I know it wasn't very accurate. Meh... I'm feeling ok now though.

My body is just being weird right now. A LOT of cm down there. A lot of creamy stuff that just gushes out. I guess it may have something to do w/ my increased libido as well. So I'm sure that's not helping matters down there.
Seriously, thank goodness for panty liners.

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LisaB said...

I hope the jolly rancher vodka was good :-)