Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just when I thought...

... I had gotten away.... someone has a birthday or it's a family based holiday and I'm sucked right back in! Grrrr
Yesterday was MiL's birthday. Yay for her.... BLEH for having to see SiL once again.
Thankfully the conversation didn't center around baby crap for most of the night.
It did for a few minutes though when the aunt pulled out crap for the baby shower to show her and plopped the bag of shit right on to my lap.
REALLY??? Do I look like a damn table?
UUUUUUUUUUGH I know I'm going to have to go to that shit too. They better let the guys come. I'll be miserable either way, but at least I'd have DH with me.

So in nasty news. We have frickin maggots! BLEH!
We've always had a bad fly problem ever since moving in. Dunno where the hell they come from, but we've never seen maggots inside.... well until this morning.
I get woken up by DH doing something. Get up, and see that he's moved the fridge. I'm thinking, eh, he's just cleaning.
He then says that I need to put on shoes b/c there are maggots crawling around the kitchen! GROSS.
There weren't a WHOLE lot of them, but still too many. Hell, 1 is too many.
I know we're going to see more. They have to be travelling through any little crack they can.
No idea where they're coming from. None other than the random crawlers under the fridge, and none behind the stove.
We don't exactly have a pristine house, but it's not messy w/ trash everywhere (just dusty :P).
So yeah.... dunno what the hell the flies, or maggots are eating other than whatever was in the trashcan.
We don't have mice and I haven't seen any roaches, so pfft, beats me.
It's still gross as hell though. Even though I know this isn't our fault, it still makes me feel like I should've been able to do something.

And in less gross news... my temp dropped slightly today to 97.82. Now.... this is a usual post-O pattern for me. In multiple other cycles, I've gotten temp dips at 5dpo, which I could be according to temps.
If my temp goes back up tomorrow then yeah... very real possibility that I ovulated on my own. Exciting but still kinda pisses me off :P

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