Friday, June 17, 2011

This always seems to happen

I end up taking one of the "good" tests and get a frickin indent in it.
Here are some photos of the FRER and it's lovely indent.

Photo in the case (duh) before the time limit. Shows a whole lot of nothing.

And then BLAMMO... indent when it's drying.
Just taken on my pee stick plate and one taken on my desk.

These supposed good tests are really starting to piss me off.

But ya know... this has happened with my other BFP cycles lol. I'm sure it won't this time, but the previous ones... I would take a test (Answer), and it would show a bad indent. Then within the next day or so, I'd get my faint BFP.
Oh I can wish for it at least. Hope that it's a sticky bean..... sigh.

Got in A LOT of cleaning. Man is this house DUSTY! And there are SO many damn spots where dust can collect too!
Just spots you overlook all the time... like the frickin doors or light switches. SIGH!
Oh well... most of it is dusted now and should remain dust free for oh.... 2 days :\

I still need to get the sun room and straighten up my desk and that should be about it. Not really worried about much else. Oh and need to straighten up the butler's pantry. No we don't have a butler... pfft, I wish.. get him to dust and cook for me :P lol

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Angela said...

I see the lines, or indents. But they look like they have a little dye on them. My bfn's never looked like that. Fingers crossed for you and a very sticky little one!