Monday, June 13, 2011

Maybe? Possibly?

Ok, so my temp was up this morning to 98.64. I took it at 1:30 though. So I had only been asleep for about 2.5 hours. I think if I had taken my temp at my usual time, it would've been slightly lower but still in the post-O range.
SO yeah... it's looking like I may have actually ovulated on my own.
Aint that some shit! O_O
Of course me being the pessimist.. I still have my doubts.
Dealing with a mixture of emotions about this though.
I'm happy that my body could've possibly ovulated on its own.
But then I'm a bit pissed if it did b/c as I mentioned, we didn't get in some good BDing.
And pissed b/c after this last m/c, I was looking forward to just being able to ride whatever I wanted during this trip. Now I have to worry about if I can ride, or how awful it will be if AF arrives.
Just BLEH.
I bought some tampons though. I've only used tampons twice before, and well yeah. Still better than having an accident wearing nothing but a pad though. All of that walking and sweating... disaster waiting to happen.

Obviously, I'm going to start testing like crazy this week lol. By temps, I'm only 6dpo, so I'll start testing on Weds. I'm sure I won't see anything but meh.


Went bathing suit shopping yesterday. Target frickin sucks for plus size swimsuits. All of them ugly and unflattering. And NM that our Target is set up so the maternity section is RIGHT BESIDE the plus size section AND it's twice as large. Seriously, the plus size section is maybe, MAYBE 4 racks of clothes.... all ugly and looks like something grandmothers who don't give a crap wear.

We then headed to Kohl's. I really like this store, but they're so expensive. I tried on a top. Thought it was a size 16 but it ended up actually being a size 12. Now I know swimsuits are stretchy, and it was tight, but it still felt good knowing that I fit my fat ass in to it lol.
Finally found a cute top that I liked, in my size though and got some boyshort bottoms to go with it.
SO frickin ridiculous that they charge the same amount for the bottom half!!! GRRRRR
Such a fucking ripoff.

Oh forgot to mention that my right ovary is aching some. Not bad or anything and I'm not noticing it most of the time.

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