Sunday, October 16, 2011


I think I may be getting AF again or well, AF has already appeared.
Woke up today and took a test with FMU. FMU was very dark w/ blood mixed in with it and it only got heavier throughout the day.
It hasn't turned in to an actual flow, but I am passing clots. And it certainly looks like AF when I use the bathroom.
Meh, whatever. Whatever my body has to do to get back to normal.
I'm just so tired of bleeding though.
If this is another AF, it shouldn't last nearly as long since my lining shouldn't be as thick as usual.
We'll see what happens within the next couple of days. If it remains like this then I'll say it's another AF, if it stops, then I'll say it was just my body finally flushing out what was left in there.

I did still test BFP this morning. OPK was still a + and there was a line on the hpt and not faint. Hopefully with this increase bleeding it means that things are spiralling down as it should.

I am still very sad about all of this, but my hopes are really up for the next BFP. Hopefully the next one will happen soon, but I dunno.. just for some reason I feel really good when I think about it.
Not sure if it's b/c maybe I'll have an answer and a fix by then or what.

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