Monday, October 24, 2011

Eggs mostly..

Not my own, but chicken eggs.
Just felt like posting this since this is supposed to be a blog about losing weight AND ttc :)

Did you know that some chickens can actually lay green and blue tinted eggs? Yeah, I didn't either until DH's parents and uncle/aunt started getting in to buying chickens.
It's pretty neat. I dunno what type of chicken in particular is supposed to lay the colored eggs, and even if you get that chicken, it may only lay cream or brown. I think his uncle likes calling them Easter Eggers for obvious reason.

Also, if you or friends/family are vegetarian/vegan, blahblah and don't like eating animal products for moral reasons, there is NOTHING wrong with eating chicken eggs. You're not killing anything. Chickens will lay eggs even if they're not fertilized! So you can eat the eggs without feeling like you're killing something b/c you're really not. Awesome right? Just find a local farmer that raises the chickens in a humane way (not in little cages) and get those eggs!

The other week DH's parents gave us 72 eggs.... what is that... 6 dozen? We're just now getting to the 2nd carton of 18.
Just to show ya.... here are the eggs and their various colors.
Their chickens are def free range... actually wild would be a better way to describe them. They just let them roam the property and go pick up the eggs every day. They get about 13 eggs daily from just the chickens.
They also have ducks that are laying, but I really have no interest in duck eggs.

OOO I made homemade mayo today! I LOVE mayo and missed it so much so finally just stopped being lazy and made some.

I got the recipe from marksdailyapple.
I did change a few things though.
I didn't bother cooking the egg yolks. If I were pregnant, I would be a bit more cautious, but since I'm not, I didn't want to do the slow cook thing. Anyway, the risk of getting sick from eating raw eggs is VERY slim anyway.
I also didn't have fresh lemons, so just used the juice stuff that comes in the lemon shaped squeeze thing.
And finally, I used light flavor olive oil b/c I'm just not fond of the taste of olive oil.
The teaspoon of salt IMO is a bit too much for this, but other than that, AWESOME! Tastes just like mayo you can buy in the store except this one is obviously healthier for you w/ less additives and such :D

I boiled up some eggs and made myself some egg salad. YUMMY! I have cans of tuna in the pantry I've been wanting to dive in to and now w/ my mayo, I'll have an awesome lunch for one of these days :)

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meggola said...

I used to get farm fresh eggs like those - all different colors and everything. They were delicious!!!