Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Yeah.... still testing positive.
AF is just about gone. Had 1 incident of spotting today when I used the bathroom.
I'm sure there will be a little more spotting before it goes away completely, and then I'll probably spot more whenever whatever is left in there passes.
Not really worried about the tests being darker since they were taken in the afternoon.

Really nothing going on. Just working on Halloween stuff right now. Was going to experiment with my makeup today, but I learned that cheapo 99cent eyeliner isn't so great to use lol. It was WAY too hard and about tore up my skin trying to put it on.
Going to have to find some better quality stuff.

After Halloween stuff is done, going to start working on the nursery mural again aalong with actually exercising.
I've been slacking this week wanting to go everywhere so haven't been doing it. I def will though, it just takes forever to get myself motivated again.

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