Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Ok so... yeah, this isn't good. By now, my tests should be almost negative if not negative already.
Just took a test and it is still VERY positive and looks to have darkened back up again.

Sigh, not good at all. :(
I'm totally going to have to get the methotrexate shot... I just know it unless some miracle happens by Thursday.

It's bad enough that I miscarry, but why this too. WTH????


Anonymous said...

Have you had a bet yet? And is your bleeding heavy like a normal AF? Just so weird at how dark those tests are if you are indeed m/c. Hope you get the miracle you are deserving!

Jess said...

Before you get the shot are you going to request another ultrasound? It would be wonderful to get a miracle, but even if I thought for sure my body was just being stupid I would have to make sure. Good luck! I am sorry you are going through this :-(

LisaL said...

No, I won't be requesting an ultrasound if I do have to get the shot. I would've if my beta had gotten higher before, but it dropped to 77. If it's back up again, then this is not some miracle and it needs to end before something bad happens.

Jen said...

This is just torturous for you. :o( I'm sorry that you are having so much trouble. This just makes this whole situation a million times worse for you. (((HUGS)))