Thursday, October 27, 2011

BFN hopefully

Tested this morning with actual FMU and I'm pretty sure it's BFN. I thought maybe there could be a shadow line, but looking at the tests now that they're dried, the HPT doesn't look like there's anything on it other than one of those annoying dot indents.
I dunno... I think my beta will still come back positive, but very low.

I also THOUGHT that this bleeding may be lightening up but nope. Went to the bathroom when I got home this morning from getting a beta draw and there was a good bit of AF looking blood on the tp w/ a tiny stringy clot. Could be another AF type of bleed starting. Shouldn't be very heavy though since the last one only ended not that long ago.
Hopefully it's not. I'm so tired of bleeding!

In other news.. I didn't exercise yesterday and don't plan to today either. I really should though, but I'm not. I just don't like exercising after I've taken a shower. Sure I could take another shower after I'm done, but meh, I'm lazy. I'd rather just not exercise lol.

I did do something semi-productive yesterday though. I carved the pumpkin MiL gave to us. She was going to give it to SiL but she figured SiL wouldn't want it for obvious reasons.

I saw a photo of a jack-o-lantern while googling and wanted to try out that same type of design. It looked easy and I'm sure it would've been if I had the right tools to do it, but yeah, I didn't and almost stabbed myself multiple times :P

Think today I'll work on the nursery mural that I've been slacking off on for a year now.


SLESE1014 said...

i hope your beta comes back 0 so you can move on....Praying for you....

I LOVE THE PUMPKIN!!! I'm sorry you stabbed yourself, but the finished product is AWESOME!!!

LisaL said...

ALMOST stabbed myself lol. If I had stabbed myself, yeah, that would've been bad hehe