Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just a small update

Took tests at around 5pm while I was fixing dinner.
OPK test line came up right away. The dye wasn't even finished going across the test before it was dark.
Could've been b/c there was a lot of blood in the urine that I used. HPT looks about the same I think.

I've been bleeding a bit more than usual ever since the u/s this afternoon. Not sure what that means.
Feels weird hoping once again that my body gets rid of this. It's so ass backwards to be wishing for that, but I am.

Just hope that we'll be able to at least try naturally until whenever. That's all I want. I know we're probably going to have to wait until next year no matter what happens, but to at least have the chance of conceiving naturally would be nice.

I guess this is my oppurtunity to lose more weight though. Actually focus on that instead of trying if I have to get the shot. Sigh..... this just sucks....no better way to put it.

It's not bad enough that I've had 3 miscarriages.. oh no.... now my body has to one up that shit with this...... great :\

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