Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Simple? What's that?

I hate my body!!!!!!!!!!

So first off, I did eventually exercise yesterday. Waited until DH got home, put dinner in the oven and did my thing. It wasn't much.
I did do a sprint, or at least tried to. I had to stop short b/c I started to feel like I was going to throw up on myself.
Afterwards I started to feel woozy and just not right for another 10 or so minutes. Scary.

Well anywho, last night I had some bad stomach issues. Probably the few pickled jalapeno slices I put on my salad.
After that issue finally passed, I started to feel this kind of cramping in the uterus area.
I thought it was strange but put it off to the stomach issue from earlier.
Fast forward this morning, I wake up thinking about it a little bit and decide to test.
I was going to start OPKs anyway and I have a ton of HPTs so why not.
Well..... OPK is almost a + and HPT is still showing a damn line!!!
Line in the HPT photo is a lot more obvious and easier to see IRL

Why can't this just be simple? Why does my body always have to do something to screw whatever up??
If you're going to m/c, then just frickin DO IT.
I'm on my damn period. It's heavy, there have been clots, it's not lighter than normal..... so WTH?
I only have 1 equate left. I'll take that later today. At least to see if it is showing something too. If not, then I'll hope the wondfo is just faulty.
I guess at least it hasn't gotten darker..... *shrugs*


juliane2004 said...

UGH. I am so sorry :(

Kerrik said...

Sadly, I think sometimes it just takes time for all the hCG to leave your body. Hope things will be a little clearer soon.