Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I think my tests might be lighter.
Difficult to tell w/ the HPTs but I'm pretty sure the OPKs aren't as dark as they were before.
They're still blaring positives, but the test lines are only barely darker than the control now instead of being WAY darker. Hope that made sense.
The tests were taken with VERY good holds too.
I slept through the entire night so FMU was 7hrs and SMU was 3.5hrs.
I think if I had gone in Sunday for a beta, that would've been higher than monday. Just guessing obviously, but I remember Monday's tests looking not as dark.
Of course I'm just hoping that this is resolving itself.
We'll know for sure on Friday.
I just really do not want to get that damn shot.

I'll be ok having to wait so long as we get to still try, ya know?

Alrighty, gotta start getting ready. Have to pick up my neices from school today. They're getting off early for some reason. Think it's b/c the fair opened today and I guess letting kids out early is easier than a bunch skipping school? I dunno lol.

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