Monday, October 24, 2011

Restart, day 1

All of you ladies that are naturally thin, count yourselves lucky! lol
Man I hate exercising!

So as you can see, today was my first day back to torturing myself w/ exercise.
I really didn't do all that much. Tried some new stuff that I'll be doing more of.
I've sat in the living room and watched the P90X stuff while DH is doing it, and on the shoulder stuff, this one woman uses those elastic exercise bands instead of doing pullups. She sits on the floor which I can't do (b/c the bands are too short and I'm afraid of tearing down the pullup bar that I wrap them around), so I just stood there and did the stuff. It was pretty good. Not sure how well it's exercising anything, but I'll keep with it.
I also did a lot of kettlebell stuff. Tried out some new moves that are supposed to help workout the abs. It def does something. OUCH.
I'll have a nice flat stomach.....underneath all of this fat.....

Also did a few other things like squats and jogged on the treadmill for a minute lol.
Like I said, not a ton of stuff, but it's a start and I worked up a pretty good sweat doing it.

In other news, I'm still spotting. Nothing really new there.
Feeling some slight but sharp aches on my right ovary. I think it's whatever follicles/cysts are over there. Is it even possible to ovulate when you have a small amount of HCG in your system?
I mean the doc does make me do the micro-dose shots that are supposed to help, but I'm sure that's only a very very small amount w/ each shot.
Googling up some info, some women say no, some say yes. I dunno, I think it has to be a possibility if your HCG is low enough. I'm not saying someone would if their HCG was at 100+ or something, but low, maybe 50< maybe. *shrugs*

Our 3rd Anniversary is today. Man that sucks. Getting to this point and still not having a baby or pregnant.
Wish I knew when we actually started dating. I'm terrible with dates. I think it was June or July... and gosh, that was about 15 or so years ago. Good lord....
We weren't exactly careful every time we had sex when we started... we could have a frickin teenager by now if my body worked. Yikes. I can't imagine what my life would be like if that was the case. It's so weird to even think about. Hell, I have a hard enough time now thinking about having a baby in my life. I want that more than anything, but it is such a big change, ya know?

Anyway, I'm rambling. Gotta go fix some lunch.

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