Saturday, October 22, 2011


Tequila is so gross... lol. It's one of those things that to me sounds good, but then when you actually get some it's gross. You keep going back to it anyway thinking maybe your taste buds will start liking it, but nope.

So we got pretty buzzed last night. Actually DH got totally wasted and I got buzzed lol.
It was fun though. We did finally have sex. YAY!
No marathon sex though. Totally forgot that I get pretty sore afterwards when we don't have sex for a while. SO yeah.... I need a few days to heal up.
Not that DH will be in any hurry to do anything anyway since I am still spotting. SIGH
I don't think it's going to stop until hcg is back down to 0 or close to it. Annoying!

Dinner last night wasn't so bad. Just DH and I and his parents. We told them the names we picked out for a boy girl. MiL kept pestering us so DH finally told her lol.
Yeah, Ziggy got a few looks and laughs, but she really likes Zooey.
Sigh... now if we can just stay pregnant maybe we can use one of those names.....
If this miscarriage would ever just end already, I could start obsessing over ovulating and trying naturally.

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