Monday, October 10, 2011


So I left a message w/ RE last night before I went to bed.
Got a call back early this morning telling me that I needed to come in for a beta.
Went in, blahblahblah.
Just got a call back and it's not good news.
I thought my beta was going to be higher, but low.. like 30-40 low.
Nope... my beta came back at 288.
That's not good at all.
Afraid that it means that this could be ectopic. I haven't have any pain. MAYBE some mild cramping in my uterus area, but that has been it as far as I've noticed.
I go back in at 3:30 tomorrow to talk to the RE. I'm sure he'll tell me exactly that. I just hope he doesn't want me to do that one shot that will force us to wait however many months.
So yeah.... the saga continues apparently.

Here's what a 288 will show ya on a wondfo.
Yes the OPK is dark, but the HPT isn't THAT dark which is why I wasn't expecting such a high number.
These tests actually look lighter than yesterday's, but yesterday's urine was super duber concentrated. Nothing to drink all day long and went to the bathroom twice w/ nothing to drink. So yeah.... it was some REALLY dark pp.

Why the hell do I have to go through this???


mag said...

I just don't understand? Is there any chance at all that this is good news, or is it bad all the way around? I just hate it that you keep getting these HPTs that look clearly positive, but you haven't had the good that comes from it :(

LisaL said...

I don't think this will end well, but of course being me, I had to google.
I put in my first beta, and the one from today, and my numbers have risen in a normal range. Slowish, but still normal.
What worries me is the period that I did have. I mean I don't know how anything could still be left in the uterus after that AF.

I'll see what the RE has to say tomorrow. I want to wait this out as long as possible though. Get them to keep monitoring everything and hopefully get u/s done whenever.

mag said...

I think that is a really good plan for sure. God I wish crossing fingers and all that jazz would be a surefire way to make this work. I'm keeping you in my thoughts though and really hope this turns into an amazing miracle story, as crazy as I know that makes us sometimes :) You deserve some good freaking luck already.

Jess said...

Hoping this is good news for you and not bad! I have heard of women bleeding like a normal period and then going on to have a healthy pregnancy. A small group think that the cause of such could be twins where one of the baby fails to implant correctly. Praying for no ectopic pregnancy! And a healthy next beta!

juliane2004 said...

I'm sorry. :( I hope it is good but I am so sorry if it is not.