Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DH's Work

Was just thinking about it today. Yesterday, DH said that he was going to have to work this Christmas. He's had to before and he'll have to again next year probably if he can't get someone to switch with him.
What sucks is that they've asked him to work it previous years as well.
Why? B/c he doesn't have kids.
Now don't get me wrong, I understand their thinking in this, but how completely shitty is that for us?
So what, just b/c we don't have kids yet, it means that our Christmas doesn't matter as much??

And this year, besides Xmas, they've asked him to go to California at the beginning of Dec for some stupid ass convention for some bullshit. They could've asked ANYONE, but they know DH doesn't have kids yet, so he's the one they go to. Doesn't help that DH hates saying No to people. That's great for me *wink* but it sucks when people take advantage of that side of him.

Just ugh, frustrates me is all. It's like there are 2 sides, the haves (w/ kids) and have nots (w/out kids) and we're stuck on the have nots.

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MegsW07 said...

Oh, I feel your pain! People at his job are always telling DH, "Oh, but you don't have kids, so what's the big deal?!" No, he couldn't POSSIBLY want to spend time with his wife or anything! UGH! The longer I TTC, the more I HATE the "haves!"