Thursday, November 11, 2010


I hate this so much.
As you can see, I used an answer test as well. I dunno why. I guess I just wanted a better result one way or the other, but it didn't really do that b/c I swear I can see the indent or something where the 2nd line should be. I'm not trying to fool myself in to thinking that it could be something b/c there is absolutely no other color in that spot. I think you may actually be able to make it out in the photo.
Basically it's just me staring too hard at the test, wishing that that damn 2nd line will appear.
I don't really like the instructions for the Answer test either. It tells you to read the results in 3 mins. 3 mins isn't enough time! Even the cheap IC ones tell you to wait 5 mins.
Oh well, they're cheaper and they work so meh, can't really complain too much about that.

I took my temp early early this morning. Not sure how accurate it is since it was cold. I warmed it up some though so *shrugs* Temp as 97.87. So pretty much below my coverline I think.

We'll see what today brings. If it's AF, then I hope it starts quickly so I can call my RE's office and make an appointment for tomorrow.
Going to ask if my dose could be raised some since DH has to leave at the beginning of the month. Want to get things going ASAP.
There's the photo of the answer test shrunk down some. May make the indent thing that showed up a bit easier to see. I wish I could get excited about it, SOME hint of color, but there really isn't any. BOOOO

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LisaB said...

I see it, too! Are you SURE there's no color? I am trying to wish some color into it! Come on BFP!!!