Tuesday, November 16, 2010


What the hell can I talk about now that we're not TTC atm.
Uhm.... hmmm....
I finished the living room wall sticker thing.
Here's the full view of it. The top part has been done for a year now. I started on the part w/ the big flower a few months ago.

The bottom half of this section is all I had to do to finish it. I have a bad habit of stopping something if I lose interest in it. And that's what happened here. People are coming over for Thanksgiving though so I wanted to get it done before then.

I have another that I'm working on that's going to go in the nursery. DH suggested that I just do wallstickers instead of painting on a mural. He brought up a good point. Since I don't really know my talent w/ painting, it may just be easier to do the wall sticker.
I agree. Plus doing the room w/ wall stickers will be a bit easier to fix mistakes.

And yep, that's about it. My days are going to be filled doing this and watching movies. Not too shabby. I can't complain, but it would be nice to obesess about TTC.

I'm not certain but I think the left cyst may have gone or is going. I haven't felt any discomfort on that side for a while now. The right ones are def still there though. Every once in a while I feel dull aches in that area.
This cycle, I'll be taking my usual herbs and such. I'll also be taking Red Clover to help get rid of the cysts, and I'm taking maca root again as well. Put the powder in gel caps so it's MUCH easier to stomach now lol.


LisaB said...

Ooh I really like that! Cool! I hope your cysts go away asap!

Kerrik said...

That's fantastic, how do you make those?

LisaL said...

Since I have nothing better to do right now, I'll post up photos on how I do it all. :D