Saturday, November 6, 2010

Start the fun

It's hard to see in the photo, but the test does have a faint faint line on it. Today's PP was much more concentrated since I actually had uninterruped sleep for 5 hours.
I think it's most likely still the trigger shot and the test tomorrow will be BFN. Or hell, I'll take a nice blazing test :P lol
Hmmm... I'm 9 days past trigger. Just realizing that it has been that long, but then it feeling like it's taking forever to get to that could be/couldn't be point w/ the tests.
Hope I'm making some sense lol.

UGH I just got a wave of doubt and dread. Damnit..... I hate this sinking feeling like it's hopeless. I'll be hoping, wishing, praying, everything for a BFP soon. Didn't get that last one until, cd13. Not too long to wait but it's going to feel like forever.

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