Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wall Sticker How To

Thanks Kerrik for asking. Gives me something I can post about at least hehe.

Alrighty, so here's an explanation on how I do the wall stickers.

First, I bought myself some ConTact Paper. It's a sticky vinyl stuff that people often use in their kitchen shelves. I purchased both of mine off of ebay. They were pretty expensive, but this stuff is going to last me for a little while.
I got Black and White. I figured if I needed color, I could just use some acrylic paint.

I then sketch out whatever design I want to do on the wall. After it's sketched out. I'll usually scan it in the computer so I can flip the image. I'll usually just stay at my desk to do the rest (which I'll explain in a sec), to save on ink and paper, but I wanted to be a bit more comfy with better light so I printed out the mirrored image so I could sit in the living room.
This is the wallsticker I'm working on now.

The reason for mirroring the image is b/c I have to draw on the back of the ConTact paper. Drawing it on the back means the image is going to be the correct way once it's actually put on the wall. Hope that makes sense. I don't want to draw on the side that's going to be showing on the wall b/c well, I don't want ugly pencil marks showing.

I then use an X-acto knife & scissors to cut out the design. Don't have a photo of just that, but you can see it in the one right above.

I usually have to do everything in sections b/c they're so big. It's easier to work with, but more difficult to line up and put back together on the wall. It gets frustrating but oh well.

Also if I'm adding color, I'll start doing it now after I have the sections cut out.
I just use acrylic paint. Nothing fancy. Going to get some more tonight. They don't mix very well and I need some orange :P

And yep, that's about it... when I'm done with a certain section, I'll put it up on the wall and work that way.

Here are 2 others that I've done
This one is in the computer room. I'm not too fond of it. It was more of a "I'm bored" experiment. I should probably add more wings to it lol

And this one is the very first one I did. I want to add more to it. Well, background and stuff, but not sure exactly what I want to do with it yet. Sorry for the poor photo quality, but meh, you can still see it.

Oh I just found photos that I took of the big sticker as I was doing it. I'll post that next.


Kerrik said...

Thanks Lisa! What a great idea. I think I will give it a try once we move to our new place in August. I was looking at the decals online, and I just can't find what I want, so making one myself seems like a much better option. Love your designs by the way - esp the trees

LisaL said...

Thanks :)
Yeah, that's what happened with all of these.
I saw all of the different ones online, and although I liked them, there wasn't any that I liked (that wasn't too expensive). So decided that I could probably make my own for cheaper :D