Monday, November 8, 2010

Low constant hum

Test is still BFN. Sigh. I twisted it and turned it every which way but a 2nd line wasn't gonna appear on this one.
I started getting some nausea last night and this morning. Can't be sure if it is the progesterone or the midnight snack I ate upsetting my stomach. Doubt it was the snack since the nausea lasted so long.
It sucked when I woke up early this morning though. Not sure what's making the humming, but something in the house is making a constant low hum. I HATE that sound. It seriously drives me crazy. All I could do was focus on that sound. I tried ignoring it, but thanks to DH's alarm going off every 10mins, I couldn't get back to sleep.
Once DH got up, I turned the tv on and went back to sleep again finally. I could still hear it, but the tv noise was a good distraction.

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