Friday, November 19, 2010


So we went and looked at the Ford Fiesta yesterday.
They finally got in the Keylime green color in hatchback that I want.
It's a super cute car, and I loved the no key thing. That was pretty neat, but the car in general is just TOO small inside.
That def was not a problem with the Fit. The Fit felt like yeah, it was small, but there was still room to move.
The fiesta on the other hand, there was lik no room to move up front, specially if someone is going to be sitting in the back.
DH's knees were almost touching the front panel thing as he test drove and my knees were almost touching the glove compartment. Plus I didn't like the headrests. I wear a clip most of the time, and with the way the headrests angle towards you, my clip kept hitting it forcing my to keep my head down. Not comfy.
Also, DH mentioned that he felt the car shake whenever we were braking. The salesman said that it was the engine doing something to save on fuel. I probably wouldn't mind it but meh.
So yeah, although it's a cute car and I really like the way it looks along with all of the gadgets, it's just too small & cramped.
I think it's out as an option.

We'll probably be test driving the Mazda2 & 3 tomorrow (Saturday). Like I said as soon as we looked at the Mazda3... we'll probably end up getting it. It's a bigger car, so room inside won't be a problem. We'll see how it drives though.

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