Monday, November 1, 2010

And so on and so on...

Yep so there's my test for this morning. HCG still going pretty strong. I think tomorrow the OPK won't be a + though.
Just inserted my first progest suppos. I'm gonna have to use one of the preseed applicators or something to help. I just can't reach far enough up. They're not kidding when they say this stuff is waxy and not to let it get too warmed up.

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween weekend.
We had to go to DH's cousin's wedding last night. BLEH. Some people dressed up, but most didn't. Party poopers. I did my face all up to look like I had skin missing over my left eye. And then I colored my teeth to look gross. I did get photos but I'm shy so probably won't post them. I know, I can't help it.
I already have next year's Halloween costume planned. I've done zombie 2 years in a row, time to do something different :D
Anyway, I felt like it was a wasted effort though. Just a boring pretentious wedding.
They had it at the same place DH and I got married. Their wedding I dunno, maybe it's b/c we know them, and don't like them, but it all seemed very fake.
Well, at least the food was good... minus the gross wedding cake.

And yadda yadda, blahblahblah... (insert something else here)

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