Monday, November 15, 2010

Offtopic Junk

We went and looked at some cars this weekend.
We went to the ford place to look at the fiesta. They only had one. I honestly don't really remember it much. Not a good thing IMO. Briefly talked to a salesman, looked inside the car and that was it. He said they were getting more within a few days, so we may call back and see if they've gotten more.
We also went to the Mazda place to look at the mazda2. It's a lot smaller than I want. I want small, but not too small, ya know? Plus the appearance just isn't appealing to me. The salesman there was really nice and helpful. He pointed out the Mazda3 to us. It's bigger than what I want, but I just LOVE the way it looks and this one color it's in that they had. It's more expensive than I wanted too, but I really like it.
We also went back to the Honda place to look at the Fit. It's a cute car, and DH test drove it. He's going to be doing all of the test driving. I trust his opinion. He said that he was a bit afraid to go faster than he was b/c he could feel every bump. Also, the road noise was REALLY loud. We got on the highway with it and all you could hear was the WHOOSH of air.
Not sure if that's how all small cars are or not? *shrugs*
I do like it's look, and like all of the airbags, but just that noise though is really offputting.
I wanted DH to go back to the Mazda place to test drive the 2 and 3, but he didn't want to go back so soon and seem desperate *eyeroll*
We made it clear to the sales people that we are still in the shopping around phase.
I want to go look at the Scion XD, but DH doesn't like it. *shrugs* I like the way it looks, and even though it is going to be my car, I want him to like it as well.

I have a feeling we're probably going to end up with the Mazda3 which I'll be fine with lol.

Hrmm, what else. Going to finish up the wall sticker thing in the living room probably tomorrow. I've put it off long enough, it's about time I finish it up. I only have a small little part left to do so hopefully won't take long.

Uuuuhm, have to figure out a spot to put all of these masks that I've made. I want to get them hung up soon, but just can't decide where. I'll probably end up putting them up in here (computer room).
I have an idea for a new one. It's going to be a bit complicated, and I hope I can pull it off. The overall design of it isn't complicated, but the technical aspect is, if that makes sense.

I have another wall sticker idea that I think I'm going to do. It's actually from a dream I had a long time ago. I drew a pic of it that I was planning on coloring, but I think doing a wall sticker of it would be much cooler.
Now just to figure out where it's going to go.

And yeah, that's about it. AF is still here. Had some aching over on the left ovary, but not really much else. Thankfully the cramping has stopped. AF should hopefully be gone completely by Thursday. Damn I wish I were a lucky one and it only lasted for a couple of days. Not a damn week.

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