Saturday, November 20, 2010

Drunkin Ramblings

I'm not drunk now, but I sure was last night lol. Well, maybe just a little drunk.
That's what I always do whenever we have to wait. Can't try? Pffft, lets drink and have some drunkin sexcapades.
So yeah, it was fun last night.

While drunk, DH brought up that he wanted a baby. Of course that started to make me cry (getting teary eyed now too). It's just the first time I've actually ever heard him say those words and it just made me feel even worse that my body just doesn't work. It was still nice hearing it though.

He asked how I felt about adopting. Maybe down the road if nothing we do works, but right now, I want to focus on trying to get pregnant.
I've only ovulated 3 times so far, so hopefully soon it will happen now that O is actually occuring.
I think the longer we try though, the more open I am to possibly adopting one day. It's just such a long drawn out expensive process. I know they want to make sure that the child is going to a good home, but the expenses... how is it any different than buying a baby?

It wasn't all serious talk last night though. That would've really killed my buzz :P lol I'm still glad that it happened.

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