Monday, November 22, 2010

I hate cleaning!

And there's so much of it to do! BLEH!
I can just hear my DH now "Well if you did more of it, maybe there wouldn't be so much now!" BLEH! lol
DH in my head has a point.
I just hate it though. I hate dusting, I hate dishes, I hate laundry and folding clothes, everything! Well almost. I don't really mind vacuuming.
So many disaster areas though. Like the computer room. The floor is SO cluttered and dirty from all of my art crap. I'm gonna have to get down to business today. At least straighten up this room and wash the bathroom rugs.

In other news, learned that DH's sister was proposed to the day before yesterday. She called last night to tell DH. I'm really happy for her. She's the eldest of the bunch. I think she's 35? She joined the Navy last year and met him that way. He's also in the Navy. Not sure about the details of it all though.
I actually wouldn't mind if she got pregnant before me. I mean of course I'd be jealous, but I know she would be an excellent mother.
DH's other sister is growing on me as well. I couldn't stand her before, but after having dinner w/ her and her husband every other Friday, she's not as bad as I remember her being. I still want to have a baby before her though :P I know that's awful but meh, I don't care. lol

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