Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Coma

Hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday.
I ate WAY too much and it was just sitting in my stomach. Felt like I had eaten a basket ball.
Didn't help that I was also getting headaches for some reason.
It was a good day though. Lots of food.
I wish my turkey had turned out better though. I always seem to overcook it even though I use meat thermometer. Oh well. I think I next time I'm gonna try using an oven bag. Maybe that will help keeping the bird moist.
And even though I was the walking dead most of the day yesterday, wanting to keel over and sleep, I still stayed up until 3 playing frickin World of Warcraft lol.
Slept a little later, today but meh, I'm ok. I'll probably pay for it today.

I had a BFP dream though. Sigh. It was nice, but such a tease. Dreamt that 2nd line was BLAZING too. In the dream I didn't believe it was real. Oh well, maybe one day.

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