Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh my poor boobies

Photo sucks but you can see that the lines are fading. Now my urine was pretty dilluted again this morning, but you can still tell that the trigger shot is working its way out of my system b/c of the OPK.
I can't wait for the HPT to go BFN though so I can start getting some real results. I'm so anxious for it to be 9+dpo so I can start wondering if the test will go BFP.
I'm having my doubts unfortunatly. I think it's only natural, but I'm also very hopeful as well.

My boobs hurt like hell. Not as much as I've read some women get. Like can't stand even their shirt to rub them or anything like that. They just hurt if you put pressure on them. And of course DH just LOVES torturing me when they get like this. Always trying to tweak the nips. Yeah, he gets smacked a lot but he still tries. Sigh.... lol

That's pretty much it. Progest sups aren't that bad, I'm just afraid they're going to cause an infection or something.


LisaB said...

Yay for the trigger being almost gone! I can't wait to start analyzing your sticks! Sorry about your BBs, hopefully it's a good sign though!

unaffected said...

Omg, my husband does the same thing! Just the other night I asked him not to do it, and then he instantly went in for another tweak! Wtf?!!