Friday, August 27, 2010

12 days past trigger

As you can see, I took an FRER as well. I just had an urge to so I did.
I still have 2 more, and those are being saved for whenever. If I see something on an IC, or if AF doesn't show, then I'll take another.
I'm so scared right now that AF is going to show up. 11dpo is when I started spotting last time, and AF showed up the next day.
Feeling just so damn anxious right now. Scared of what may happen next.


unaffected said...

FX for you Lisa!!

pookiedoo87 said...

Is there an almost line on the FRER, or is it just my imagination? Either way, really hoping for you!

LisaL said...

Everyone seems to see a line on the FRER.
I honestly didn't see anything. Could just be the shadow making it look like there is one.
I did take the test out of the case, and it dried with a really noticeable indent in it. So that could be what everyone is seeing.