Thursday, August 5, 2010


Sunday is my next appointment and my follistim is being bumped up to 200u.
I'm going to have to call in another refill. I already did today, but at 200, that's only 2 shots per vial and if I have to go for more than 3 days, then I'm going to need another. Good grief.

I only go in for bloodwork  on Sunday. Not sure why. I should've probably asked lol.

Oh and I forgot to mention that my RE is the one that did this ultrasound today as well. I hate it when he does it. The nurse is great when she does it. She turns off the light, and turns on one of those spotlights that OBGYNs use. Then turns that off once the dildo cam is inserted, THEN puts the paper blanket back down over my legs. Real discreet.
Lord not my RE. He leaves the overhead lights on, hikes that blanket WAY up and leaves it there. My poor coot is out for the world to see. It is not a comfortable situation to begin with and being so exposed like that in such a bright room... yeah... I dread it when he walks in to the room rofl.

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