Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Semi rant

I don't understand why some women are so hell bent on doing things naturally when it's obvious they need medical help.
Well, no maybe I do understand b/c I was kind of there before.
Even though my cycles were just completely fubared, I still did everything in my power not to get chcked out. Mostly out of fear and denial.

Maybe that's the same for some women?

I dunno, I just regret SO much, waiting as long as I did before seeking help. There was SO much time & money wasted trying to medicate myself when just going to see a doc about it would've saved so much time, and hell, I could've already been pregnant and had a baby by now.

I see it all the time. On the boards I go to, on yahoo answers. So many women with irregular periods that aren't getting any better. Women that haven't had a period in half a year, etc, that still want to try vitex before seeing a doctor or any other supplement.
Sure, SOME women might get lucky and it works, but that still doesn't mean they shouldn't go see a doctor about what is still wrong.

I just want to shake these women by the shoulders and scream at them not to make te same mistake I did.
We all wish that things would happen naturally, but sometimes we just have to face the facts. Just because you need medical help doesn't mean you're any less of a woman. It doesn't mean that the little miracle that you'd get from medical help would be any less of a miracle.

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