Monday, August 30, 2010

15days past Trigger

Here are the new tests today. Well these were taken with SMU. I did wake up early again to take the digital and took another wondfo as well, but the digital was a NO, and the photo for the other wasn't very good so I'm not gonna worry about posting those.

The first photo is the first one I took. I thought the line may be weird and tilted so I took another test. 2nd photo, bottom test.

Lines on both within the time limit. Just not very dark... YET hopefully.


pookiedoo87 said...

Sometimes FMU isn't always the best. I read an article somewhere on it, and wish I had the link to show you! Hoping those lines get much darker. Did you call your Re yet?

LisaL said...

Nope, no RE yet. Waiting until I get a definite no doubt about it test.
I'm really hoping DH buys me some more good tests before coming home.
If he does, I'll take another test later tonight after a hold.

SO FX that I start getting some good lines and that I'll be making my appointment tomorrow :)