Wednesday, August 18, 2010

3 days past Trigger

The tests are dried in the photo, but oh well.
I know what test I WON'T be using for HPTs though. Look at how light it is compared to the previous wondfo one. It's an early-pregnancy test which surprises me how light it came up.
Oh well though.

Had some major butt pains last night. I usually get it during my period, which seems to be not uncommon, but I had it happen last night and boy did it HURT LIKE HELL.
I mean I can't even really describe the pain. Like your entire rectum is experiencing a charlie horse that you can't get rid of. So yeah, not sure what brought that on, and so painfully, but oh well. I'm better today.

Temp went up again today, so I guess it's official that I ovulated. Yay :D Just not sure exactly when though. Since my temps have been so high before, not sure if yesterday's temp rise was just me, or me ovulating. I say I probably ovulated yesterday.
But meh, a couple days isn't a big deal.
Well I guess it is if I wanted to see if the B6 is helping my luteal phase. I've been taking it religiously since the start of last cycle.

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